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The Critical Path. A Different Approach.
At Arca Financial Group, we take a different approach to your financial future. Our objective is to construct the optimal path tailored to your needs by employing our comprehensive process called “The Critical Path”. This approach includes in-depth financial planning assessments, crafting a tailored financial plan, and continuous monitoring to ensure it stays aligned with your goals. Your Q Wealth Portfolio Manager will be involved with any conversations involving your investment accounts.
  • The Financial Gateway meeting: Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current financial situation, considering your existing investments, insurance, and business portfolios. We will also address your financial objectives, concerns, lifestyle, and future aspirations.
  • The critical path meeting: Map out a financial path to navigate you towards your goals.
  • The foundation meeting: clarify your financial values and align them with your strategic and lifestyle goals.
  • The risk management meeting: Assess all risks associated with your life and financial plan.
  • Goals based progress update meetings: We offer continuous support and periodic assessments to ensure you remain “on path”.
  • Annual scorecard meeting
Our team will make sure to consistently oversee and adapt your financial plan through different life stages. “The Critical Path Approach” optimizes your disposable income and reduces tax liabilities. It's user-friendly and adaptable, enabling you to explore various scenarios until you are confident it meets your immediate and future lifestyle goals.
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