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The Benefits of Working with Arca
Being a client of Arca Financial Group means more than just having someone to assist you with your financial plans for the future. We offer a multitude of unique services all designed to ensure that our clients receive only the very best service and advice.
Our commitment to you

In the event of your advisor's retirement, illness, career change, or other unforeseeable circumstances, our team is designed to make sure your finances are not left behind. Should your Financial Advisor be unavailable, your account will be seamlessly transitioned to another qualified advisor. With our team's diverse age range, we can easily match you with a suitable replacement.

Experience based financial advice

Our Financial Planning Team, composed of like-minded advisors with shared expertise and strategies, collaborates to effectively manage complex financial plans. Additionally, as a founding member of Barrington Wealth Partners, we leverage the knowledge and skills of leading advisors across Canada. Our size and stability enable our advisors to devote 95% of their time to client advisement and ongoing education.

The Arca Financial Critical path process

We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service, which includes a standardized process for regular updates and reporting such as insurance summaries. Your Q Wealth Portfolio Manager will meet with you at least annually and review your finances and provide essential documents such as investment holdings. Our meticulous tracking of meetings and tasks ensure that all our financial commitments are met with precision and reliability.

A financial planning advice strategy

Financial planning is essential for achieving you and your family's life goals. As new clients, we recommend a personalized financial plan using Conquest Planning software, catering to individual needs like debt management, wealth building, or estate planning. We will collaborate with your accountant, your lawyer or any other trusted professional to create your financial plan. We also offer in-house Tax and Estate Planning Specialist for complex cases. Initial consultations with our advisors are focused on thoroughly understanding your specific goals and requirements.

Experience based Investment Philosophy

Our advisors select a curated range of 50-60 medium-risk investment funds, known for their consistent performance, to craft personalized, low-risk portfolios for our clients. Leveraging our firm's size and stability, we influence product development and strategy with key fund carriers, keeping abreast of new advancements and ensuring strict compliance with industry standards.

Independent risk management advice that matters

Arca Financial Group oversees around $500 million in life insurance contracts, working with numerous Canadian insurers to give our advisors flexibility in finding optimal client solutions. Our established relationships with these carriers grant us direct access to senior management, enabling quicker resolutions for large cases, more effective problem-solving, and input into product development and service improvements.

Experience our Team of Qualified Investment & Insurance Support Staff

Arca Financial Group's team of industry-accredited professionals is committed to providing excellent client service, with each staff member backed by Errors and Omissions Insurance for added security. Our robust training and support systems ensure seamless service even during absences, and we prioritize continuous education and idea-sharing among our team. Strict confidentiality agreements are in place to safeguard client information.

Our long term focus on Education of Advisors and Staff

Arca Financial Group prioritizes the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. We require new advisors to earn their CFP within two years and support staff to be licensed in their fields. Our team includes experts with CPA and CA credentials for tax consultation. We promote collaboration with Barrington Wealth Partner advisors and CFP is a prerequisite for partnership. We regularly host seminars from investment and insurance experts and provide global learning opportunities for our advisors with key carrier management.

Our commitment to the education of our clients

In recent years, Arca has organized various educational events for our clients. These seminars have covered a range of topics, including Individual Pension Plans, Registered Education Savings Plans, Registered Retirement Savings Plans, and alternative mortgage financing strategies.

Our client experience

Established in 2004, our custom-built office provides a welcoming and secure environment for clients and staff at Arca. We ensure the protection of your personal financial information with secure, locked areas for client files and computer servers. Our facility features professional meeting rooms, a variety of beverages, and ample free parking for your comfort and privacy.

Our community involvement

Arca strongly supports various community charities, both as a corporation and through individual staff contributions. Annually, we host events to support selected charities like the Grand River Hospital Foundation, Adopt-a-Family, Tree of Angels, Manulife Bike and Hike for Heart, and the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation. Arca also takes part in annual United Way Campaign, corporate contribution to Grand River Hospital, The Food Bank of Waterloo Region as well as Family & Children's Services of Waterloo Region. Additionally, our staff members independently donate to several local non-profit organizations.

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