Corporate Background

Barrington Wealth Partners Inc. and Manulife Securities Incorporated

Through Arca Financial you gain by having Independent unbiased advice with access to the best in class financial instruments from world class financial organizations. We also have built a network of professionals in areas to help our clients including tax planning, estate planning and trusts through legal firms including banking and insurance. Our clients utilize the Arca Financial Network of professionals 

"Arca is unique because of the intimate attention they give to their clients. I get the sense that they are genuinely interested in my future, and I have never felt rushed during a phone conversation or face to face meeting. Everyone is extremely professional yet friendly - they truly make you feel like part of the Arca family. Arca's financial software program, NaviPlanTM, is a key factor in instilling confidence in their ability to help deliver my financial goals. Just to manipulate this program clearly requires a deep understanding of economics and finance, and the Arca analysts know what they are doing. Its pretty amazing to be told the day you will have made your first million, or have your house paid off, or what your income will be the day after you retire, forty years in advance. Superior expertise, professionalism, attention to detail, personal touch, and going the extra mile are all reasons that I choose and recommend Arca Financial Group."

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