Christine Black

Christine Black, B.Math, CPA, CA, CFP, TEP

CFO/Tax & Estate Planning Consultant

Arca Financial Group Inc.

T: (519) 745-8500 ext. 257
F: (519) 745-8283

Christine was a Senior Tax & Estate Planning Consultant for a leading insurance and financial services company prior to joining Arca Financial Group. Her technical expertise in the areas of corporate, trust and personal tax and estate planning make her an invaluable asset in assisting Arca's advisors develop clients' financial plans, particularly for those clients with more complex estate planning needs.

Christine is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario and the Canadian Tax Foundation. She is also a member of Grand River Hospital's Joke Junction Committee and the YWCA Finance Committee.

"Many financial firms just focus on investments, and straight buying and selling of products. But strategic longer-term retirement and estate planning is of primary importance and should be one of the mainstays of building a financial plan. This is where Arca Financial Group stands apart. At Arca there is a culture of helpfulness and innovativeness, and we have been continually impressed by how our advisor stays up to date on the latest innovations in investments as well as changes in government legislation and how everything affects our plan. The NaviPlanTM is a wonderful tool for looking into your future, understanding your cost of living, and the finances required to support that standard of living. These folks are talented, helpful, knowledgeable, and they really take the time to explain things in a way we can understand."

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